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Gonna be a great day

Gonna be a great day

10/27/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - we've got Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden on the show... watch

Ahead on the 10/27 Maddow show

10/27/11 06:37PM

Tonight's guests include:Beau Biden, Delaware Attorney General   Jim Hightower, radio talk show host, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner - lost race to Rick PerryExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show: read more

No one wants to occupy this

No one wants to occupy this

10/27/11 03:28PM

On Tuesday, we posted the pic below from a downtown Minneapolis mall, taken last year by Carol Roth. She writes now that her husband, Neil Taylor, went by the same spot and took a second picture. You'll notice, of course, that HOPE is gone and RESPECT is being whitewashed over.America had better start investing in the infrastructure of its cities, Matt Yglesias writes today on Atlantic Cities. Just look at Occupy Wall Street, he suggests. It's not Occupy Strip Mall. "Nobody wants to occupy the strip mall or the office park or the park and ride lot," he says. read more

Perry ready to bail on stupid debates

10/27/11 01:33PM

I remember seeing it employed on the playground when I was very young, and later on, in intramural sports. I recall using it once in the eighth grade, when I lost my cool after losing a wrestling match, flung my headgear against the wall and planned to stomp off the mat. (My mother foiled that, right quick.)What I'm talking about is the "I can't do it, so it's stupid" defense. The point isn't simply that one fails at an activity; that happens to all of us. read more

Best noon thing

10/27/11 12:00PM

Margaret Wise Brown's classic bedtime book "Goodnight Moon" is soothing and surprisingly effective at getting both parent and child into that calm, sleepy place before lights out. Now there's a parody called "Goodnight, iPad," which pokes fun at the modern reality that parents have to choose to contend with.It's no "Go the to Sleep," but it's pretty good. Enjoy. read more

Occupy Oakland, you're winning

Occupy Oakland, you're winning

10/27/11 11:25AM

"Now we have our Rosa Parks," tweets @your_neighbors. I'm not sure you can make a direct comparison between Ms. Parks, who wouldn't sit in the back of Montgomery bus, and Scott Olsen, the young Marine veteran whose skull was fractured in a police raid on Occupy Oakland. But that's almost beside the point.The Occupy movement is now everywhere, and the name of Scott Olsen is a rallying cry. read more

'The American dream was that anyone could make it. That is no longer the dream'

10/27/11 10:29AM

President Obama went to Denver yesterday, where he talked about steps he's taking to help make student loans more bearable, and where he asked for young people's support. He was introduced by a college senior who owes $30,000 and hopes to become a teacher. She described herself as part of "Generation Debt," and she may be stuck there for a while.Since the time of President Reagan, the richest one percent of the country has seen exponential income growth. Everyone else, including the people who most need to have their incomes grow, have not done nearly so well. read more

Morning Maddow: October 27

10/27/11 08:10AM

Sanitation at "Occupy" camps: a real health concern or a pretext?An official at London's St. Paul's Cathedral quits amid plans to remove protesters.Alabama libraries start demanding proof of citizenship.Gay troops to file lawsuit against DOMA.The Obama administration blocks new uranium-mining claims near the Grand Canyon.Can a big debt deal save the European Union (and therefore us) from financial disaster?Hurricane Rina forces NASA to evacuate a super-awesome undersea experiment. Meanwhile, the guys on the fake flight to Mars are almost about to fake land back here at home. read more