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A tale of two speeches

06/14/12 04:30PM

As you may have heard, President Obama and Mitt Romney both delivered speeches in Ohio on the economy this afternoon. If you missed them, here are the videos.Here's Obama:And here's Romney:If you want to know what the 2012 presidential election is going to look like for the next four months, you can start with these two competing... read more

'I don't think this is meant to be candy.'

'I don't think this is meant to be candy.'

06/14/12 02:56PM

We tried more of that curiously awful Scandinavian candy in the office yesterday. Tricia and Mike suffered through one Lakrisal wafer apiece.Tricia said: "It's like you scraped soy sauce off the bottom of your pan after you burned it, and formed it into a lozenge, and stuck it into your mouth."Mike: "I don't think this... read more

Sheldon Adelson has an impressive reach.

The best election money can buy

06/14/12 11:56AM

Karl Rove told Sean Hannity this week that President Obama and his allies have a dastardly election-year plan: they'll win by "trying to take their wallet and buying it."Even for Rove, who has a history of projection, the irony was rich. read more

About those pre-existing conditions...

06/14/12 11:10AM

Earlier this week, The Hill ran a curious headline: "Romney: Repeal health law, keep pre-existing conditions clause." Congressional Republicans have already expressed a willingness to leave several key provisions of the Affordable Care Act intact, is Mitt Romney prepared to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, too?Not... read more

Of ladyparts and legislatures

06/14/12 10:50AM

UPDATE: Michigan House Republicans have censured two of the women in this video, Democratic Representatives Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum, for their comments about vasectomies and vaginas yesterday. They're not allowed to speak on the House floor, at least for today. Adding: The Speaker's office says they just can't talk today... read more

Remembering the predecessor

Remembering the predecessor

06/14/12 10:12AM

At a certain level, it may seem surprising that President Obama's standing is as strong as it is. After all, the economic recovery is weak and fragile; partisan divisions are intense; and much of the public is feeling discouraged and pessimistic.So why is the president's support holding steady while he remains a (slight) favorite for... read more

What happened to Nemschoff Chairs?

06/14/12 09:43AM

Earlier this week, President Obama sat down with a reporter from an NBC affiliate Iowa, who asked the president to explain why a local company had closed "as a direct result" of the Affordable Care Act. Obama said that was almost certainly not true, causing the Romney campaign to pounce -- it was proof the president didn't... read more

Dimon's accountability moment comes and goes

06/14/12 09:08AM

After JPMorgan Chase's admittedly "stupid" trading bets that lost the company billions of dollars in just a few weeks, Congress did what it's supposed to do: it announced hearings that would allow lawmakers to get to the bottom of things.Three weeks ago, we saw the first hearing, in which Senate Banking Committee Republicans,... read more

Jobless claims rise again

Jobless claims rise again

06/14/12 08:38AM

The roller-coaster ride with initial unemployment claims continues. Whereas last week's report offered a little encouragement, today's report from the Department of Labor this morning did the opposite.With revisions once again pointing in the wrong direction, the new totals inched higher, despite expectations to the contrary.The number... read more

Morning Maddow: June 14

06/14/12 07:44AM

The Florida voter-roll purge continues in two counties, and legal voters may have been disenfranchised.The Michigan House passes one of its anti-abortion bills, tables the other two.Sheldon Adelson's bottomless campaign-cash pocketbook.The world's richest man wants to raise the retirement age for the rest of us.Donald Rumsfeld will be... read more

Not to be missed

Not to be missed

06/13/12 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of Wednesday’s show – the Romney healthcare plan, plus the latest on Michigan and voter restriction measures passed there, drones that now live in the United States and the... watch

Romney dumps details, ducks challenges

Romney dumps details, ducks challenges

06/13/12 08:00PM

Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, talks with Ezra Klein about the likely impact of Mitt Romney's health care plan, leaving millions of Americans without insurance coverage. watch

Klein: Han shot first

Klein: Han shot first

06/13/12 08:00PM

TRMS guest host Ezra Klein demonstrates his facility with Star Wars minutiae and sides with originalists on the Han Solo/Greedo controversy. watch


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