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Akin tries damage-control mode

Akin tries damage-control mode

08/20/12 01:30PM

Over the weekend, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) created quite a mess for himself discussing pregnancies from rape. "If it's a legitimate rape," the U.S. Senate candidate said, "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."Appearing on Mike Huckabee's radio show this afternoon, Akin said he "used the... read more

Ryan worsens Romney's tax problem(s)

08/20/12 12:30PM

Paul Ryan waited until very late on Friday afternoon, when his aides assumed no one would be paying any attention, to release his tax returns for the last two years (fewer than he made available to Team Romney). Did we learn anything scandalous? read more

Monday's campaign round-up

08/20/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* The Obama campaign released a new video over the weekend, featuring the president arguing, "We've come too far to turn back now." What I found interesting about the video... read more

The Sea of Galilee in Israel, seen here without naked Republican politicians.

When Republicans visited the Sea of Galilee

08/20/12 11:15AM

Remember after the 2010 midterms, when Republicans said power would now be in the hands of responsible lawmakers, who'll finally make Americans proud of their Congress?How's that working out?The FBI probed a late-night swim in the Sea of Galilee that involved drinking, numerous GOP freshmen lawmakers, top leadership staff -- and one... read more

The post-truth campaign continues apace

08/20/12 10:24AM

Last week, Mitt Romney pretended to be amazed. "n the past, when people pointed out that something was inaccurate, why, campaigns pulled the ad," Romney said. "They were embarrassed. Today, they just blast ahead. You know, the various fact-checkers look at some of these charges in the Obama ads and they say that they're wrong... read more

A man of weak, malleable principles

08/20/12 09:56AM

Paul Ryan had more than a few troubles last week, but one of the more interesting problems is related to his support for stimulus. For all of the far-right congressman's alleged disgust for the Recovery Act, Ryan repeatedly sought stimulus funds for his district, arguing government spending creates jobs and boosts the economy.And then Ryan... read more

Stagecraft over substance

Stagecraft over substance

08/20/12 08:00AM

When we last heard from Paul Ryan on Medicare policy, his rhetoric had descended into gibberish: "So the score now stands at: Ryan says he wouldn't have cut Medicare. Then Obama made those cuts. Then Ryan voted to reverse them. Then he decided to bring them back in the Republican budget. Now he opposes them and thinks they hurt seniors... read more

Morning Maddow: August 20

08/20/12 06:45AM

Where the whole "real rape can't get you pregnant" idea comes from (including the phrase "secretes a certain secretion").Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom says Romney could balance the budget by 2020.Ohio Republican doubles down on his jab at the African-American voter-turnout "machine."Ron Paul plans to spend big... read more

This Week in God

This Week in God

08/18/12 10:21AM

First up from the God Machine this week is the latest development in the shooting at the Family Research Council's headquarters, where the religious right powerhouse seems eager to exploit public sympathy and give up the moral high ground.To briefly recap, Floyd Corkins stands accused of shooting an unarmed guard at the FRC offices in... read more

Links for the 8/17 TRMS

08/17/12 11:11PM

Team Obama: Ryan 'falls flat' with voters, like Palin and QuayleMitt Romney and Paul Ryan pursue united front strategyStaffing Ryan NATO: Afghan policeman fires on coalition forces in 5th similar attack in a week; no deaths US forces in Afghanistan ordered to keep weapons loaded at all times Rockefeller's Income TAx Records... read more

It’s been one week

It’s been one week

08/17/12 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer of the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of Friday’s show - a look at the first week of Paul Ryan’s roll out as Republican vice presidential candidate and the staff behind the operations, and important news about a... watch

Ahead on the 8/17 Maddow show

08/17/12 06:45PM

Tonight's guests include:Steve Kornacki, senior political writer for Salon and co-host of msnbc's The CycleEugene Robinson, columnist for The Washington Post and msnbc contributorHere's tonight's soundtrack.And here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a preview of tonight's show:  read more


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