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E.g., 10/25/2014
Gov. Bev Perdue with her veto stamp

NC Senate overrides veto of abortion restrictions

07/28/11 01:12PM

On last night's show, Chris Fitzsimon from NC Policy Watch told TRMS guest host extraordinaire Melissa Harris-Perry that the only thing standing in the way of extreme abortion restrictions busting free of Democratic Governor Bev Perdue's veto stamp in North Carolina was a single Republican state senator.This senator had voted against the measure the first time around. Then Governor Perdue vetoed the bill, the House overrode the veto and the Senate was about to hold its own override vote. read more

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's press office wants you to see this.

John Boehner vs. the Tea Party (#KabukiTheater)

07/28/11 10:23AM

House Speaker John Boehner could be within two representatives of failing to pass his debt-ceiling deal in the vote expected this evening, the Hill reports. That's because 39 of them signed a pledge flogged by the Tea Party group FreedomWorks. The pledge (after the jump) requires that a Balanced Budget Amendment pass first, and as Senator John McCain explained yesterday, that's not happening. Assuming Mr. Boehner passes his bill anyway, it's going nowhere in the Senate. read more

Not a bird after all?

Morning Maddow: July 28

07/28/11 08:07AM

Boehner's debt-ceiling plan gets a vote today.Doctors report treating more chronically hungry children.Rick Perry still doesn't know what role he'll play at his prayer event next week.Herman Cain apologizes to Muslims.Government can do big things to save struggling cities.Abortions in Nebraska are down more than ten percent.Really, dudes? Over a party?Does a new fossil knock Archaeopteryx off its perch as the world's oldest bird? read more

"That's 550 laws, some of which were the political equivalent of the gymnast's double back, with a double twist. If you don't know what that is, Google it. "

07/28/11 01:03AM

--Melissa Harris-Perry on Nancy Pelosi's accomplishments as Speaker of the House in a challenging political environmentOk, I'll bite. The video below is a double twist double back straight, which I assume is something like a double back with a double twist. At first I thought the initial couple of flips was the double back part, but now I'm pretty sure the "back" and the "twist" are part of the same move and the first couple of flips are just part of the running start. So it's end over end twice while also spinning twice. read more

Ahead on the 7/27 Maddow Show

07/27/11 07:52PM

Tonight's guests:Ezra Klein, columnist for the Washington Post and Bloomberg and msnbc policy analystJohn Stanton, reporter, Roll CallChris Fitzsimon, director of N.C. Policy Watch, a progressive public policy think tank in North CarolinaAnd here's executive producer Bill Wolff with tonight's stories:  read more

@Whitehouse is so 2008

@Whitehouse is so 2008

07/27/11 05:07PM

Someone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue appears to be nostalgic for the good old days of hope and change. Because, seriously, the RickRoll jumped the shark back in 2008 during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, didn't it? But anyway, I clicked and was reminded that "Never Gonna Give You Up" is actually a great song. I just wanna tell you how I'm feelin'. read more

McCain argues Democrats' point for them

07/27/11 03:41PM

The Senate's Democratic caucus is circulating video of Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) tearing into lawmakers who insist on passing a Balanced Budget Amendment before they'll vote to save the government from default. The Senate can't pass that measure, he says, so holding out isn't an honest position:That is not fair to the American people, to hold out and say we won't agree to raising the debt limit until we pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. It's unfair. It's bizarro. read more