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Tonight's addresses at a glance

Tonight's addresses at a glance

01/24/12 11:06PM

President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address*:Republican response from Governor Mitch Daniels*:*created from transcripts as prepared, may differ from delivered remarks(Cloud tool: Wordle) read more

Indiana makes a comeback. Now what?

Indiana makes a comeback. Now what?

01/24/12 01:54PM

The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released the new figures for employment (and unemployment) in the states. Half the states gained jobs last month and about half the states lost jobs. Coming in second on the list for gainers: Indiana, where the state legislature is rushing to pass an anti-union Right to Work bill. read more

Maybe your rights matter after all

01/24/12 10:23AM

President Obama's re-election campaign has been preparing to run against Mitt Romney, only to watch Newt Gingrich surge. So maybe their opponent will be Mr. Romney. Maybe it'll be Mr. Gingrich. Maybe it'll be someone else. Who knows.On one issue, though, the Obama campaign can take on the entire Republican field already, at once:... read more

Cry from the conservative soul: 'Draft Mitch Daniels'

Cry from the conservative soul: 'Draft Mitch Daniels'

01/24/12 09:41AM

If the Republican establishment is freaking out over the growing specter of a nominee named Newt Gingrich, then maybe they'd ought to find someone else to run. Hey, how about that guy in Indiana, the one who almost threw his hat in, Governor Mitch Daniels?“At this point it’s sort of water over the dam,” said Pat Kiely, president of the... read more

Morning Maddow: January 24

01/24/12 07:33AM

 Romney v Newt at the Florida debateRomney releases tax returns: made $42.5 million, paid 13.9% in taxesState of the Union tonight"Touching a tar baby" congressman skipping SOTU in protestSupreme Courts not big SOTU fans eitherHere's another $5 million! Please "continue the pro-Newt message"Florida ad influx read more

Ahead on the 1/23 Maddow show

01/23/12 07:10PM

Tonight's guests include:Michael Isikoff, NBC News national investigative correspondentFormer Rep. Alan Grayson, (D) FloridaCraig Schneider, organizer of the St. Louis parade to welcome Iraq War veteransWhile watching the video you preview, you can listen to the soundtrack (just be sure to wait for the ad to play out first).Executive... read more

Update on fight for union rights, same-sex...

Update on fight for union rights, same-sex marriage

01/23/12 07:00PM

In Indiana, the NFL Players’ Association has put itself loudly on the side of the state’s Democrats to fight Gov. Mitch Daniels’ union-stripping plan. In Maryland, Gov. Martin O'Malley introduced a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. Plus, an update on... watch


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