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Ahead on the 8/29 Maddow Show

08/29/11 06:38PM

Tonight's guests include:Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I) Vermont   Ezra Klein, msnbc contributor and columnist, The Washington Post  & BloombergLou Dubose, editor, The Washington Spectator  E.J. Dionne, columnist, The Washington Post Executive producer, Bill Wolff, shares a preview of tonight's show:   read more

NEW ORLEANS - A man walks next to the 17th Street canal levee, which breached in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

After Irene, remembering Katrina

08/29/11 04:14PM

Despite the complaints of some New York City residents about Hurricane Irene's "hype," it delivered a lot of very real damage to many Americans (including New Yorkers). Perspective is at a particular premium today, the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's horrific arrival in the Gulf Coast. read more

When Old Glory fades

When Old Glory fades

08/29/11 03:50PM

Pictured above is the fraction of a flag that remained in Hampton Bays, NY after Hurricane Irene came through town. And as Kerry Sanders reported, the flag flying over the Capitol in Washington, DC was left tattered but still flying. For a few hours, anyway.A spokesman for the Architect of the Capitol (yes, that's a job) tells NBC News this afternoon that the flag was replaced last night with a new flag.So how exactly should one get rid of a hurricane-destroyed flag? I was surprised to learn today that the U.S. read more

Empty space?

08/29/11 02:50PM

Last week a Soyuz rocket crashed during launch from the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Sitting on top of that rocket was 3.5 tons of food, fuel and supplies for the astronauts at the International Space Station. read more

Flooding in Metro-North stations

08/29/11 11:05AM

The Tuckahoe train station on the Metro-North railroad was 4-5 feet under water yesterday afternoon after the Bronx River overflowed its banks. Don't see how anyone will be able to commute to work over the next few days. Its three lines, Hudson, Harlem and New Haven are all out because of Hurricane Irene.Unclear when they'll be back up and running again. read more

Morning Maddow: August 29

08/29/11 08:09AM

Hurricane Irene is gone, but the danger is not over.Ron Paul takes on FEMA, while Michele Bachmann says God is trying to tell us something.6 years after Hurricane Katrina, a new push to revive the lower 9th Ward.A must-watch fight over the production of nuclear weapons is happening in Kansas City today.Colin Powell disputes Dick Cheney's memoir.The Lockerbie bomber is found in Tripoli, apparently 'at death's door.'Al Qaeda's new second-in-command was killed this weekend.A school superintendent makes an incredibly generous gesture. read more

The very models of a modern major hurricane

The very models of a modern major hurricane

08/27/11 02:20PM

Something I've been wondering about hurricane tracking maps is if the various weather services are working together with essentially the same information and everyone wants to predict the path of the storm as accurately as possible, how is it that the models don't agree? What's the difference between them that they can take the same variables and come up with different results. Why even have competing models?In other words, why so spaghetti?As you might have guessed, part of the answer is that my question is itself not really correct. read more

Hurricane Irene in 3-D

Hurricane Irene in 3-D

08/27/11 12:33PM

As we all sit in front of our TVs watching the giant red pinwheel spin endlessly up its cone of projection, NASA has an interesting, different way of rendering the storm's features and strengths on the Irene portion of their Hurricanes/Tropical Cyclones blog.The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite radar takes a 3-D picture that shows not only intensity but height. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the images are subject to the satellite's orbit, so it's not like they're able to fly over the storm whenever they want to gather new data. read more

Fire Island, go home. Brooklyn, have some sandbags

Fire Island, go home. Brooklyn, have some sandbags

08/27/11 11:44AM

My family snapped the picture above yesterday on Fire Island, where some people who'd been taping their windows had a little left over before catching the ferry for the mandatory evacuation. Photo: @buttermilk1Below, friends of producer Vanessa got sandbags from the landlord in Brooklyn. read more

I think I forgot to turn off the oven...

08/27/11 11:37AM

Before Tina debunked the street shark photo the other day, Rachel remarked that she found the idea of it kind of creepy and Bill confessed flat out that he harbors a general fear of things that will eat him for lunch. For some reason that image doesn't trigger anything for me, but when I really feel that cold chill is watching the video of the Hurricane Irene from the International Space Station. Nothing would make me want to go home faster than looking back at Earth and seeing that giant, violent mark on it. read more