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Can Rubio's persona survive Rubio's reality?

Can Rubio's persona survive Rubio's reality?

02/23/12 07:00PM

Manuel Roig-Franzia, staff writer for the Washington Post and author of an upcoming book about Marco Rubio, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Rubio may not be as sound a choice for vice presidential running mate as he might seem at first glance. watch

Thursday's Mini-Report

02/23/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* Pressuring Syria: "A United Nations panel concluded on Thursday that 'gross human rights violations' had been ordered by the Syrian authorities as state policy at 'the highest levels of the armed forces and the government,' amounting to crimes against humanity."* 12 Iraqi cities... read more

Allen West's Hummer

Allen West's Hummer

02/23/12 04:06PM

President Obama was in South Florida this afternoon, discussing energy policy and increased oil production at the University of Miami. With rising gas prices, the president is, not surprisingly, eager to discuss his ideas about reducing energy costs.And then there's Rep. Allen West (R) of Florida, who shared his own concerns about the same... read more

What populism isn't

02/23/12 03:35PM

Rick Santorum delivered a speech at the Detroit Economic Club a few days ago, attacking the nation's safety net and, oddly enough, holding it largely responsible for larger economic problems. Our pal James Carter flagged this clip, and it stood out for me for a couple of reasons.As Santorum sees it, the nation simply needs to follow the... read more

Giving the auto rescue center stage

02/23/12 02:05PM

When President Obama launched his rescue of the American auto industry in 2009, it was hard to imagine him running campaign ads on the policy three years later. The move was risky and widely unpopular, and it wasn't at all clear that the rescue would work -- the industry teetering on the brink of collapse might have failed anyway.Now,... read more

Art attack (God bless Wisconsin)

Art attack (God bless Wisconsin)

02/23/12 01:15PM

One of the more interesting art events this spring is bound to be an exhibition in Madison called Art in Protest, scheduled for March 29-31, which will display works in various media "inspired" by (if that is the right word) Governor Scott Walker's policies in Wisconsin.While not rallying in the streets to shout their displeasure... read more

Worst. Surrogates. Ever.

02/23/12 12:32PM

When compared against his Republican rivals, Mitt Romney enjoys far more support from his party's establishment, giving him a small army of GOP surrogates he can dispatch to get his message out to the public.Of course, this only works when the campaign's surrogates (a) aren't embarrassing, and (b) actually agree with Romney's... read more

Thursday's campaign round-up

02/23/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* With just five days until Michigan's Republican presidential primary, the latest WXYZ/Detroit Free Press poll shows Rick Santorum with a three-point lead over Mitt Romney, 37% to... read more

Who picked the contraception fight?

Who picked the contraception fight?

02/23/12 11:17AM

The fight over contraception access isn't going especially well for Republicans, with polls showing the American mainstream consistently siding with the Obama administration on the issue. As the debate deteriorates, some have begun spinning wild tales to explain how and why this entire fiasco has been an elaborate Democratic setup.Joan... read more

Romney vs. 'the fastest-growing voting bloc in the nation'

02/23/12 10:35AM

Dana Milbank noted last week, "When it comes to Latino voters, Republicans must have un impulso suicida. What else but a death wish could explain the party's treatment of the fastest-growing voting bloc in the nation?"Given recent events, it's a reasonable question. Mitt Romney, in particular, seems to be going out of his way... read more


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