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E.g., 10/31/2014
E.g., 10/31/2014
The SA-7, a Soviet-era anti-aircraft weapon.

What's scary about Libya now

10/20/11 12:21PM

Geoff Porter knows Libya. He's the head of North Africa Risk Consulting, "a political risk firm." Translation: Porter explains North Africa to clients with a serious need to understand what's happening there. This morning, he sends over a note about the death of Moammar Khaddafy, including the prospects for the rebel forces now known as the National Transitional Council, or NTC.It's a little technical, and totally worth it. I'll excerpt one part here and then put the whole note after the jump. Porter writes:Clearly, Qadhafi's death will have a positive impact on Libya's security environment. read more

Every Wall Street shell game must have a ringer

10/20/11 10:15AM

My biggest problem in trying to figure out Occupy Wall Street was trying to figure out Occupy Wall Street.Like Will, prior to going there myself, I struggled with the idea that OWS protesters simply refusing to leave Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan could change what they said they sought to change. read more

Charts: Just don't get older, OK?

Charts: Just don't get older, OK?

10/20/11 09:00AM

It used to be that the plan for getting old comfortably in America had three pillars -- your pension, your savings and Social Security.Pensions: As Rachel explained last night on the show, pensions are on their way out. They're being replaced by 401k's, in which ordinary workers get tax breaks for gambling their money on Wall Street, to Wall Street's advantage.Savings: Americans have essentially stopped saving money. read more

Links for the 10/19 TRMS

Links for the 10/19 TRMS

10/20/11 01:40AM

Obviously tonight's segment on what Wall Street has done to retirement was pretty dense with information. Some of the source material is in this list but we'll get into the charts a bit more in separate posts on Thursday. read more

Ahead on the 10/19 Maddow Show

10/19/11 08:24PM

Tonight's guests:Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, host of "Into the Wild" and "Wild Countdown"Simon Johnson, professor of economics at MIT Sloan, contributing business editor at the Huffington Post, and serves on the panel of economic advisors to the Congressional Budget Office, former chief economist for the IMFHere's senior producer Cory Gnazzo with a look ahead:  read more

Multiple Maddow

Multiple Maddow

10/19/11 08:00PM

Cory Gnazzo, senior producer for The Rachel Maddow Show, previews Wednesday night’s show and reminds viewers that Rachel will be on the Ellen show on Thursday. watch