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Ahead on the 9/20 Maddow show

09/20/11 05:51PM

Tonight's guests include:Lt. Josh Seefried of the U.S. Air Force, founder of Outserve, revealed identity today   Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach (ret.), U.S. Air Force fighter pilot    Rep. Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Leader and former Speaker of the HouseExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show: read more

America minus Don't Ask, Don't Tell

America minus Don't Ask, Don't Tell

09/20/11 05:45PM

This morning, our nation's first without DADT, we asked you all to look out your windows and tell us whether the sky was in fact falling as prophet Cindy Jacobs suggested might happen. We'll begin with an AP pic from San Diego minutes after repeal.The locusts are coming? Or just this critter? From @ybs62 in Littleton, Colorado. read more

In 2008, Nebraska had one blue dot in a sea of red.

A way to make voting more fair

09/20/11 03:41PM

In Nebraska, Republicans who want to change the way the state awards its electoral votes have been pretty straightforward about why.  As the Lincoln Journal Star put it back in January, the state’s Republican Party has "mounted an all-out assault" on Nebraska’s current system, which divides some of its votes by district.Sen. read more

Don't worry, Mississippi. You'll still have greenhouse gases

09/20/11 02:13PM

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has been on a tear, putting down real money to bring green jobs to the state. The latest is the solar company Stion, which picks up where Solyndra left off. Governor Barbour lured them to Hattiesburg with a $75 million loan, a lot like the $75.2 million deal he made for Calisolar.Governor Barbour's odds-on successor, Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant, visited the Stion plant last week and filed this video update:We're going to see new high-tech energy moving ahead, the green-type energy that we all believe will be part of the future. But don't worry. read more

Georgia plans to kill Troy Davis tomorrow

Georgia plans to kill Troy Davis tomorrow

09/20/11 01:15PM

Georgia has had its share of chances to spare Troy Davis' life. Despite persistent doubt that the death-row inmate is guilty of the crime of which he was convicted, the state has scheduled his execution four separate times. It's now slated for this Wednesday, September 21, at 7:00pm local time. read more

Best noon thing

09/20/11 12:46PM

On this first day after Don't Ask Don't Tell, we're getting to know quite a few military men and women who finally get to be themselves. For months now, an anonymous soldier has been talking about his experiences as a gay man in active duty and coming out to his friends on camera--without showing his face. This morning we got to find out who he is, and so did his Dad. read more

Michael Moore: Liberals will come home to Obama. The others...

09/20/11 10:45AM

Michael Moore last night compared himself to E.T. , ready to do anything for a few Reese's Pieces thrown out by policy makers. Liberals are easy to win over, he said -- they're not President Obama's problem:In the end, the people who are members of Move On, the Michael Moores out there, are going to vote for Barack Obama.His problem isn't me or Move On so much as it is all the people who voted for him in '08 who may vote for him again. They probably won't vote for the Republican. But they're not going to go out and bring 10 people to the polls with them. read more

Morning Maddow: September 20

Morning Maddow: September 20

09/20/11 07:58AM

DADT is over. DOMA is next.Ron Suskind's book about the Obama White House stirs up some Washington drama.Sen. Jim DeMint defends the rich.Gibson guitars are the new symbol of government overreach.Europe's financial woes get worse.An Alaska judge grants same-sex couples the same tax breaks as married couples.Meet the 2011 MacArthur Geniuses. read more

Gridlock alert!

Gridlock alert!

09/20/11 01:39AM

By the watchful eye of our Andy Dallos: "Gridlock alert in NYC this week as world leaders from around the globe gather for the UN General Assembly." read more