When you’re on top there’s only one way to go


Last night Melissa shared a somewhat depressing chart showing the United States’ global rank in terms of quality of overall infrastructure. The chart is from page 52 of this report (pdf), but the source is this World Economic Forum report (pdf)

Visually it’s distressing enough, but if you’re the type of person to be proud of your country, infrastructure is the sort of thing you’d take pride in. If you believe in the greatness of America, your expectation should be global leadership, not “pretty good, almost top 20%.”

Or, as President Obama says in last night’s clip:

When it comes to our nation’s infrastructure, our roads, our railways, mass transit, airports – we shouldn’t just be playing patch-up or catch-up, we should be leading the world.  At a time when interest rates are low and workers are unemployed, the best time to make those investments is right now.  Not once another levee fails or another bridge falls.  Right now is when we need to be making these decisions.