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Week in Geek: Rube Slowberg edition

You’ve heard of Rube Goldberg machines, right? Well here’s a Rube “Slowberg” machine for you.

Inventor and Director Bob Partington has designed and built the world’s slowest Rube Goldberg machine. It takes over six weeks for his golf ball to go through the entire system where it encounters molasses, melting popsicles, and a turtle. Oh and it literally has to sit and wait for grass to grow. Luckily for you, there’s a time-lapse version that takes less than three minutes.

Partington is clearly a big fan taking the viewers expectations and flipping them on their head. Last year, he worked his magic on an OK Go music video for their song “The Writing’s On the Wall”. He also had a show on The History Channel called “Thingamabob” in which he had to create something new from three random objects from America’s past. For example: an old-fashioned coffee grinder, a fireman’s hose, and a rocking chair. I’m guessing he did more than just sit in the chair and drink coffee while watering the lawn.

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Week in Geek: Rube Slowberg edition