Week in Geek: Mother’s Day edition


This Mother’s Day, Week in Geek celebrates the mother of all mothers: Mother Nature. One her craziest projects is the 17-year cicada life cycle about to kick-off anew on the East Coast any day now. Watch the video for an excellent summary of these insects by one of nature’s favorite narrators, Sir David Attenborough. My favorite part is when he teases a male cicada in search of a mate by imitating the female cicada response (around min 3:09). I’m not sure how obvious the cicada invasion will be where I livem in New York City, but I vividly remember when they took over my neighborhood as a child. It was gruesome and fascinating at the same time. A conservative estimate has 30 billion cicadas emerging from the ground over the next few weeks. That’s 600 cicadas for every human! For more on this insanity check out Carl Zimmer’s recent post over at The New York Times.

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Week in Geek: Mother's Day edition