Week in Geek: Beware the psychedelic shrimp


Above, the geeky way to celebrate Friday and the return of the geek.

Devious carnivorous plant tricks insects into taking shelter from the rain in its mouth.

Banana. Slug. Sex. Do you really need more?

In related animal-mating news: prehistoric turtle sex. You heard me. Bonus: turtle sex rabbit hole. You’re welcome.

Psychedelic shrimp that can punch your lights out.

These jellyfish look like something out of Close Encounters + The Abyss + Alien. (WITH VIDEO)

This bat’s tongue is over 1.5 times its body length. (WITH VIDEO)

The “city plants” versus the “country plants”. Study shows urban plants live faster and die younger than their rural counterparts.

AMAZING photo of honeybee in the process of leaving its stinger behind.

Everybody poops. Including sea urchins.

Bears can count. Don’t tell Stephen Colbert.

Bacteria in your gut may be controlling your mind.

Now go do whatever it is the bacteria is telling you to do next…


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Week in Geek: Beware the psychedelic shrimp