Wednesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* A rare signing ceremony: “President Obama on Wednesday signed an ethics bill that bans insider trading by members of Congress and requires thousands of federal employees to disclose information about their personal finances.”

* Tehran’s delays: “Iran’s foreign minister raised new doubts Wednesday about the resumption of international talks over its disputed nuclear program, saying the location may not be Turkey – as previously agreed – and suggested Iraq and China as possible alternate hosts.”

* Joe Arpaio’s latest antics: “The standoff between the federal government and a high-profile Arizona sheriff accused of discriminating against Hispanics escalated Tuesday when settlement negotiations fell through and the Justice Department threatened to sue the sheriff.”

* In the “war on voting,” the Center for American Progress has a new report on the latest effects of voter-suppression efforts, and Ari Melber’s new piece on this is well worth reading.

* Mitt Romney wants more scrutiny of the presidential candidates. That’s a good idea.

* A congressional resolution on Trayvon Martin is now pending in the U.S. House.

* Connecticut appears poised to repeal the death penalty, but the process isn’t easy.

* And whatever your politics, the Google Art Project at the White House is pretty damn cool.

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Wednesday's Mini-Report