Wednesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Less than two hours after President Obama left Afghanistan airspace, a suicide bomber killed seven people in Kabul. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed Afghan civilians.

* Diplomatic drama: “Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident who fled house arrest and came under American protection, left the American Embassy in Beijing on Wednesday and immediately ignited a new controversy over the way his case was handled by the United States and China.”

* It’s a good thing we didn’t let Detroit go bankrupt: “Chrysler Group is working through the summer – forgoing its seasonal maintenance shutdown – in order to keep up with booming demand, the automaker said on Wednesday.”

* Manufacturing activity “picked up steam on several fronts in April, easing concerns that a key engine of the economy was beginning to falter.”

* Though Arianna Huffington was outraged by the Obama campaign’s recent message on the U.S. strike against Osama bin Laden, I found Frank Rich’s take on “what is truly despicable” more persuasive.

* Remember Judge Jerry Smith on the 5th Circuit? Last month he threw an odd, partisan tantrum. This month, he blocked a ruling in Planned Parenthood’s favor, just after the decision was issued by a federal district court.

* On a related note, public support for the U.S. Supreme Court has reached a quarter-century low.

* Why did former regional EPA administrator Al Armendariz feel the need to resign? Because Fox News thought an analogy he made two years ago was incredibly important.

* Drudge and Politico really thought they had some kind of scoop about the president’s college girlfriend. Not only was it not news, but they screwed up the story in important ways.

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Wednesday's Mini-Report