Wednesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* We’re still getting a sense of the damage done to Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Isaac made landfall late yesterday.

* My heart goes out to msnbc’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who New Orleans home was destroyed by the storm.

* Afghanistan: “The U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan says three of its troops have been killed by a man in an Afghan army uniform.”

* The nation’s GDP was revised up slightly, from 1.5 percent to 1.7 percent, for the second quarter of 2012.

* More progress in the housing sector: “Contracts to buy previously owned homes rose to their highest level in more than two years in July, an industry group said on Wednesday, suggesting the housing market recovery was gaining traction.”

* Jonathan Cohn has a fascinating catch, explaining that Chris Christie accidentally condemned Romneycare during his keynote address last night.

* I’m kind of amazed President Obama hosted a “Ask Me Anything” session with Reddit today. It even overwhelmed the Reddit servers.

* Some excellent advice from Greg Sargent to news organizations: “Call out the lies right in your headlines.”

* A brutal crime in Michigan yesterday, as men with shaved heads attacked a Jewish teenager and literally stapled his mouth.

* The New York Times’ editorial board was not impressed with the first day of the Republican National Convention: “Voters looking for a few nuggets of truth would not have found them in Tampa on Tuesday.”

* And the Obama campaign has some fun at Paul Ryan’s expense, on the day of his national debut.

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Wednesday's Mini-Report