Wednesday’s Mini-Report, 10.21.15

Today’s edition of quick hits:
* Moscow: “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ventured outside his beleaguered nation for the first time in more than four years Wednesday to meet Russia’s Vladimir Putin in a surprise visit to Kremlin patrons now backing Syria’s government with military might.”
* Iran: “Iran’s supreme leader on Wednesday publicly endorsed for the first time the July nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers, state news agencies reported. But the provisional endorsement was accompanied by a warning that Tehran expected all sanctions to be lifted or it would walk away from the deal.”
* St. Louis: “Arsons at six predominantly black churches in this metropolitan area in recent days are believed to be connected, fire officials said on Tuesday.”
* How bizarre: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparked an uproar in Israel on Wednesday for suggesting that a World War II-era Palestinian leader persuaded the Nazis to adopt their Final Solution to exterminate 6 million Jews.”
* Releasing the full, 307-page transcript from Cheryl Mills’ September testimony: “Going against the wishes of Republicans, Democrats on Wednesday released the full transcript of nine hours of closed-door testimony from a former top aide to Hillary Clinton, a day before Clinton’s appearance in an open hearing on Capitol Hill.”
* Wikileaks: “Documents from CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account released by Wikileaks Wednesday afternoon do not contain any revelations about U.S. intelligence or any classified material, but do include a draft of a paper that urges the president to “tone down” rhetoric about Iran.”
* Always, always bet on the opposite of whatever Kristol says: “Oh, Bill Kristol. You were wrong about the Iraq War, you were wrong about President Barack Obama losing to Hillary Clinton in 2008, and you were very, very wrong about Vice President Joe Biden running for president.”
* Yes, it’s “Back to the Future” Day: “This year has been steeped in ‘Back to the Future’ nostalgia. The original blockbuster was released 30 years ago this summer and its darker, arguably more complex 1989 sequel takes place in part on this day – October 21, 2015.”
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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 10.21.15