Wednesday’s Campaign Round-Up, 9.7.16

Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
* Donald Trump’s campaign will reportedly scrap its media blacklist tomorrow targeting news outlets the Republican candidate doesn’t like. The fact that this list existed in the first place is itself a remarkable controversy.
* Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, conceded this morning that she has no idea whether Roger Ailes is serving as one of her boss’ campaign advisers.
* The editorial board of the Dallas Morning News, which hasn’t endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate in any election since WWII, is now encouraging its readers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

* In Florida, PPP now shows Clinton leading Trump statewide by one point, both in head-to-head and four-way match-ups.

* The same poll found Sen. Marco Rubio (R) leading Rep. Patrick Murphy (D) by three points, 40% to 37%.

* The Trump campaign unveiled a list yesterday of 88 U.S. military leaders who’ve endorsed the GOP candidate’s candidacy. The Clinton campaign responded this morning with a new list of military leaders supporting her candidacy – and it features 95 retired generals and admirals.
* Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine released a book version of their national platform this week. The 256-page blueprint is titled, “Stronger Together.”
* In Arizona, one of the nation’s most consistent “red” states, a new statewide poll from the Arizona Republic shows Clinton narrowly leading Trump in the Grand Canyon State.
* With Republicans increasingly concerned about Sen. Richard Burr’s (R) re-election in North Carolina, the Koch Network is reportedly taking steps to help rescue the incumbent Republican.
* In a bit of a surprise, the NRA has endorsed state Attorney General Chris Koster (D) in Missouri’s gubernatorial race.
* And far-right host Mark Levin, who had previously vowed not to vote for Trump, changed his mind yesterday and told his listeners he’d support the Republican nominee after all.