Wednesday’s Campaign Round-Up, 8.17.16

Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
* In Florida, the nation’s largest battleground state, the latest Monmouth University poll found Hillary Clinton with a nine-point lead over Donald Trump, 48% to 39%. That margin includes third-party candidates in the mix.
* The same poll found Sen. Marco Rubio (R) leading Rep. Patrick Murphy (D), 48% to 43%.
* For all the talk about an inevitable Trump “pivot” to expand his appeal for the general election, the Republican nominee told WKBT-TV in Wisconsin that’s not likely to happen. “I don’t want to change,” he said. “Everyone talks about ‘oh are you gonna pivot?’ I don’t want to pivot.”
* Four years ago, Mitt Romney won Texas by about 16 points. According to a PPP poll in the Lone Star State released yesterday, Trump only leads Clinton in Texas by six, 44% to 38%.
* During the GOP presidential primaries, Sen. Cory Gardner (R) described Trump as a “buffoon.” This week, the conservative senator nevertheless announced his support for the Republican ticket.
* For some reason, Trump continues to use his social-media accounts to promote polls that show him losing.
* With two weeks remaining before Arizona’s Senate primary, former state Sen. Kelli Ward, taking on Sen. John McCain in a Republican contest, has now picked up endorsements from two GOP House members.
* On a related note, McCain is going on the offensive against Ward, describing her recent conversation with a white nationalist “deeply concerning” and “part of a pattern.”
* And in Illinois, Sen. Mark Kirk (R) has gone from supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, to announcing his plan to cast a write-in vote for David Petraeus, to announcing his plan to cast a write-in vote for Colin Powell, and then yesterday, circling back to supporting Petraeus again.

Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 8.17.16