Wednesday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* On msnbc’s “Morning Joe” earlier, David Axelrod said he would shave his mustache of 40 years if President Obama loses Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania.

* A new New York Times/CBS/Quinnipiac poll shows Obama with a one-point lead over Mitt Romney at the national level, 48% to 47%.

* In Ohio, NYT/CBS/Quinnipiac shows Obama ahead by five, 50% to 45%, while SurveyUSA found the president leading by three, 48% to 45%.

* In Virginia, NYT/CBS/Quinnipiac shows Obama up by two, 49% to 47%, but a Roanoke College poll found Romney up by five, 49% to 44%.

* In Florida, NYT/CBS/Quinnipiac shows Obama ahead by one, 48% to 47%.

* In Wisconsin, Public Policy Polling shows Obama with a five-point advantage, 51% to 46%.

* In Iowa, PPP found Obama leading by five, 50% to 45%.

* In Pennsylvania, a Franklin & Marshall College poll puts Obama’s lead at just four points, 49% to 45%.

* In North Carolina, SurveyUSA shows Romney ahead by five, 50% to 45%.

* In Michigan, a Detroit News poll found the president’s lead down to about three points, 47.7% to 45%.

* In Minnesota, SurveyUSA shows Obama ahead by seven, 50% to 43%.

* And in Massachusetts, a Suffolk poll shows Elizabeth Warren (D) leading Sen. Scott Brown (R) by seven, 53% to 46%. Brown, incidentally, had committed to one more pre-election debate, but following Hurricane Sandy, he’s declining to reschedule.

Wednesday's campaign round-up