We lived to see it: Deep-fried beer

We’ve all been there. After the exhausting process of drinking beer well into the daylight hours, then one must pivot to the equally arduous work of shoving fried food into one’s mouth. If only these two rituals could be combined somehow. Wish granted! Now entering the pantheon of great American innovators is Mark Zable, inventor of deep-fried beer. After three years of arduous testing, Zable has devised a method of inserting beer into a ravioli-esque square of pretzel dough and flash frying it for about 20 seconds. Result? Multiple cravings subdued! And? You can eat these bad boys with your fingers. Perhaps this great leap forward should come as no surprise from the man who previously gave the world Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls, Sweet Jalapeño Corn Dog Shrimp and Frozen Whipped Cream bites. Zable will sell his fried beer at a price of five bucks for five squares at the upcoming Texas State Fair, which last year, introduced Fried Butter to the American Eating Public.