Tuesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* An awful scene in the Houston area: “At least 14 people were hurt Tuesday in a stabbing spree at a Texas community college apparently carried out by a student, authorities said. Sheriff’s officials said the suspect was in custody.”

* On the Korean Peninsula: “North Korea warned foreigners in South Korea on Tuesday to leave the country because they were at risk in the event of conflict, the latest threat of war from Pyongyang.”

* With the Senate set to move on gun legislation, President Obama has been calling senators from both parties today, urging them to do the right thing.

* Syria: “Al-Qaeda’s branch in Iraq said it has merged with Syria’s extremist Jabhat al-Nusra, a move that shows the rising confidence of radicals within the Syrian rebel movement and is likely to trigger renewed fears among its international backers.”

* If Republican senators don’t have the courage to debate gun policy, the least they can do is have the courage to explain why.

* Well, that’s interesting: “The U.S. Navy announced Monday that it is preparing to deploy a new weapon that can disable a hostile boat and even destroy a surveillance drone overhead — all without dispensing any expensive ammunition.”

* H7N9: “China reported a seventh death from a new form of avian flu and two more cases of infection, while Chinese officials began work on a vaccine and the World Health Organization said it is considering sending a team to China to study the disease.”

* Is the FBI “investigating” the Mitch McConnell leak? Not exactly.

* I know the right doesn’t like to talk about this, but today is Equal Pay Day, and it matters.

* Rex Parris, the mayor of Lancaster, California, was asked whether global warming is a real threat. He replied, “I may be a Republican. I’m not an idiot.”

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Tuesday's Mini-Report