Tuesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Brutal tornadoes hit the Dallas area this afternoon, some strong enough to throw 18-wheel trailers into the air like toys.

* Local police in Wisconsin have made an arrest in the bombing of a Planned Parenthood office. The homemade explosive device went off Sunday, but did not cause any injuries.

* QE3? Don’t count on it: “The Federal Reserve appears unlikely to launch another round of economic stimulus to try to generate additional growth and quicken the decline in unemployment, according to minutes of the Fed’s March meeting released Tuesday.”

* The Gallup Economic Confidence Index has reached its highest level since January 2008, a month after the Great Recession began.

* How severe is student-loan debt? It’s threatening the health of the national economy.

* Top GSA officials have been ousted, but the fallout of the controversy continues.

* It’s a good thing we didn’t let Detroit go bankrupt: “Chrysler’s U.S. sales increased 34% in March, followed by a 12% gain from General Motors and a 5% lift from Ford, as overall industry sales stayed near the four-year high seen in February.”

* Truth: “If the Roberts Court strikes down [the Affordable Care Act], it ought to end any reasonable political debate about the source of ‘judicial activism’ in America.”

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Tuesday's Mini-Report