Tuesday’s Mini-Report, 4.29.14

Today’s edition of quick hits:
* Deadly storms: “The Deep South nervously watched the sky again Tuesday for more tornadoes — the third day of a monster storm system that has already spawned dozens of twisters and killed 34 people across six states. Forecasters said that strong storms would gather in the early afternoon over Mississippi, and could create so-called supercells and tornadoes later in the day, first in Mississippi and then in Alabama, near sunset.”
* Gun violence: “Six people were injured in a shooting Tuesday morning at a FedEx hub in Kennesaw, Ga., before the gunman was found dead with what police said appeared to be a self-inflicted wound.”
* A big win for the Clean Air Act: “Environmentalists scored a big win at the Supreme Court Tuesday when the high court upheld an Environmental Protection Agency rule meant to reduce interstate air pollution. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy sided with the high court’s Democratic appointees.”
* A worthy cause: “Reacting to a series of highly publicized rapes on college campuses, the White House on Monday released guidelines that increase the pressure on universities to more aggressively combat sexual assaults on campus.”
* Virginia: “Attorney General Mark R. Herring on Tuesday declared that the children of illegal immigrants can qualify for in-state tuition under existing state law. Herring’s announcement, made at Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria campus, follows a General Assembly session in which legislators rejected the so-called Dream Act.”
* This didn’t get too much attention, but it’s actually one of the largest corporate bankruptcy filings in American history: “Too big just failed. The troubled Texas utility Energy Future Holdings – which, as TXU, was private equity’s biggest-ever buyout – filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday.”
* Speaking of the Commonwealth: “Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has a new job as a visiting professor at Liberty University where he has given lectures on constitutional law and state government, the AP reports.” Liberty was founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell.
* New Jersey: “Gov. Chris Christie today named one former attorney general of New Jersey to replace another as chairman of the embattled Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which has come under intense scrutiny in recent months.”
* North Carolina: “In a novel legal attack on a state’s same-sex marriage ban, a liberal Protestant denomination on Monday filed a lawsuit arguing that North Carolina is unconstitutionally restricting religious freedom by barring clergy members from blessing gay and lesbian couples.”
* I imagine we’ll be hearing more about this one: “A Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an ‘Uncle Tom,’ Mitch McConnell is a ‘racist,’ and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because President Obama is black. Rep. Bennie Thompson was appearing on a New Nation of Islam radio program over weekend where he made the comments.”
* And Rush Limbaugh has concocted a Don Sterling conspiracy theory because, well, he’s Rush Limbaugh and that’s what he does.
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