Tuesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Afghanistan: “Suicide attacks involving as many as 14 bombers struck an Afghan city Tuesday, and a motorcycle bomb exploded in a busy market in blasts that killed at least 46 people altogether— the year’s deadliest day for civilians in Afghanistan.”

* Syria: “The State Department said Tuesday it agrees with the analysis of Syrian defector Riyad Hijab that Bashar Assad’s regime is collapsing morally, economically and militarily.”

* Economy: “U.S retail sales rose in July for the first time in four months as demand rose broadly for everything from cars to electronics, a sign that consumers could drive faster economic growth in the third quarter.”

* American Bridge takes a look at Mitt Romney’ “Cayman Daydream.”

* Rep. Dennis Cardoza, a conservative Democrat from California, was set to retire at the end of the year. Instead, he resigned today.

* Paul Ryan will meet with Sheldon Adelson today, but the Romney campaign won’t let journalists cover the event.

* This seems to be causing a stir: “Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that a Republican-led effort to loosen new regulations on Wall Street would put voters ‘back in chains.’”

* And Rush Limbaugh once again drew parallels between the president and Hitler today, which regrettably makes today pretty similar to most days.

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Tuesday's Mini-Report