Tuesday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* President Obama was in Arizona this afternoon, where he laid out his housing policy. I haven’t read the speech yet, so check out Ned Resnikoff and Ylan Q. Mui.

* Benghazi: “U.S. officials confirmed Tuesday that a Libyan man, Ahmed Abu Khattalah, has been charged with playing a significant role in last year’s attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi.”

* Fort Hood: “An Army psychiatrist accused of one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history told jurors that ‘evidence will clearly show’ that he was the gunman responsible for the rampage that traumatized the Fort Hood military base in Texas nearly four years ago.” Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan concedes he is the shooter, but said the evidence wouldn’t tell the entire story.

* Tehran: “Iran’s new president said the country was determined to resolve the nuclear disagreement with the U.S. and the West and was ready to enter “serious and substantive” negotiations.”

* Public health: “The obesity rate among young children from poor families fell in 19 states and U.S. territories in recent years, federal health officials said Tuesday, the first major government report showing a consistent pattern of decline for low-income children.”

* Gun violence: “A gunman blasted shots through the wall of a Pennsylvania municipal building during a meeting on Monday and then barged into the meeting room and killed three people before being tackled by a local official and possibly another person and shot with his own gun, a witness said.”

* Manning had faced up to 136 years in prison: “A military judge has reduced Army Pfc. Bradley Manning’s maximum possible sentence in the WikiLeaks case to 90 years in prison.”

* AARP lends a hand: “The top U.S. senior lobby is launching online tools to help consumers navigate ObamaCare and their new coverage options.”

* Eleven: “The number of women publicly accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment rose to 11 on Tuesday, after Michelle Tyler, a vocational nurse, came forward and detailed an exchange that occurred after she tried seeking aid for a U.S. Marine two years ago.”

* Andrew Sabl considers the larger context of Jim Messina’s unexpected decision to work for the British Tories.

* “Abortion Barbie”? Really, Erick Erickson?

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Tuesday's Mini-Report