Tuesday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* Maybe it was just a figure of speech, but casino magnate Sheldon Adelson said yesterday he might give Newt Gingrich as much as $100 million.

* With a week to go before Michigan’s Republican presidential primary, the campaigns for both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are trying to lower expectations.

* On a related note, at least one new poll shows Romney inching ahead of Santorum in the Wolverine State, 32% to 30%.

* Michigan isn’t the only race that’s a week away – Arizona’s Republican presidential primary is scheduled for the same day and PPP shows Romney leading Santorum by three, 36% to 33%.

* Ron Paul’s campaign hasn’t invested too heavily in attack ads, but the congressman has a new spot going after Santorum for not being fiscally conservative enough.

* The DNC outraised the RNC in January by about $3 million, thought the Republican committee started February with more cash on hand.

* We don’t know when Texas’ Republican presidential primary might be, but when it’s held, Santorum will be the favorite – a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows the former senator with a massive lead over Gingrich, 45% to 18%. Romney is running third.

* The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a new website to chronicle Rep. Michael Grimm’s (R-N.Y.) multiple ongoing scandals.

* And in Indiana, where incumbent Sen. Dick Lugar (R) is struggling with residency questions – he hasn’t owned a home in the state he represents since 1977 – the senator was asked yesterday what address is on his driver’s license. Lugar said he wasn’t sure.

Tuesday's campaign round-up