Tuesday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* Despite reports that his critics are splintering, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) hasn’t won his recall race just yet. The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund unveiled this new ad yesterday, targeting the governor over job numbers.

* Priorities USA, a super PAC supporting President Obama, has struggled so badly to raise money, it’s now likely Republicans will have the overall financial edge at the national level this year.

* On a related note, Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, which appears to have a limitless well of cash, announced a new $9.7 million ad buy, running anti-Obama attack ads in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

* Following the recent unpleasantness in West Virginia, Democrats are also concerned that President Obama may not fare well in today’s Arkansas Democratic presidential primary.

* Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) not only wants to exclude himself from VP speculation, he said yesterday, “If I thought that call was coming, I would disconnect the phone.”

* I’m not sure why anyone would bother polling in these states, but new surveys show Mitt Romney leading Obama by wide margins in Texas and Oklahoma.

* In Utah, where Sen. Orrin Hatch still has to win a Republican primary, GOP challenger Dan Liljenquist is slamming the six-term incumbent for his reluctance to participate in multiple debates.

* And in 2016 news, it’s hardly a secret that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) intends to run for president in four years, and next week, he’ll make his first stop in New Hampshire.

Tuesday's campaign round-up