Tuesday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* Planned Parenthood Votes launched this ad this morning, taking on Mitt Romney on women’s health, and featuring a woman who beat cancer thanks to an early diagnosis from Planned Parenthood. The spot will air in Virginia this week, and Ohio next week.

* A new Washington Post poll shows President Obama leading Romney among likely voters in Ohio by eight points, 52% to 44%, and in Florida by four points, 51% to 47%.

* And speaking of Ohio, the Obama campaign launched a state-specific ad this week, pushing back against the notion that the administration is anti-coal.

* It wasn’t easy, but Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has thrown his support to Elizabeth Warren’s (D) Senate campaign in Massachusetts. Menino is a Democrat, but he “has a history of playing hard to get with other Democrats running for statewide office. Until word leaked of Friday’s endorsement, some political pundits have interpreted Menino’s silence in the race as tacit support for [Republican Scott Brown].”

* Technically, Todd Akin (R) has until this afternoon to get off the ballot in Missouri. The right-wing congressman insists that’s not going to happen.

* In Maine, former Gov. Angus King (I) continues to lead the three-way U.S. Senate race, but his lead appears to be shrinking a bit, with Republican Charlie Summers narrowing the gap.

* And the far-right Club for Growth is already wondering which Republican senator it can challenge in 2014 primaries. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham appears to be high on the list.

Tuesday's campaign round-up