People photograph Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with their smart phones as he speaks to guests during a campaign rally at the Gerald W. Kirn Middle School on Jan. 31, 2016 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty

Trump embraces a title: ‘The Ernest Hemingway of Twitter’

The Washington Post had a piece the other day on a week’s worth of Donald Trump tweets, which ultimately “stoked anxiety, moved markets and altered plans.” What stood out for me, however, was this:
For Trump, his online dominance is a source of pride. He boasts to friends, aides and journalists alike about the quality of his writing – pointed, pungent and memorable – and claims that people call him “the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.”
Now, when it comes to the alleged “quality” of Trump’s writing, it’s obviously a subjective matter. I’m of the opinion that the president-elect generally comes across like an intemperate tween – complete with unfortunate typos and an unhealthy reliance on exclamation points, scare quotes, and needlessly capitalized letters – but it’s admittedly a matter of taste.

More interesting is the idea that Donald Trump believes unnamed “people” have begun referring to him as “the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.”

I’d like to know who these people are.

In fact, I went looking for them yesterday, but came up empty. Searching Google and Lexis-Nexis, I tried to find anyone, anywhere, at any time, publicly describing Donald J. Trump as “the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.” Other than examples from the man himself, nothing turned up.

In November 2015, Trump told a South Carolina audience, “Somebody said I’m the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters.” Three months earlier, he said roughly the same thing. It appears Trump is fond of the title, but he’s never identified the “somebody” who gave it to him.

It’s tempting to think he simply came up with the idea on his own – maybe it’s like the time George Costanza tried to give himself a nickname – but that would suggest Trump knows something about Hemingway’s writing style, and that seems hard to believe.

So, who are these folks who’ve equated the president-elect with the legendary Papa? The mystery continues.