Trump can’t help himself


Just hours before joining Mitt Romney at a campaign fundraising event in Nevada, Donald Trump decided to spend even more time spewing nonsense about his favorite conspiracy theory.

get 50.1% or more” of the vote, and if that means palling around buffoons, so be it. Decency is a luxury the multi-millionaire apparently cannot afford.

Leaders – those with character and courage, who command respect – are supposed to know better. But Romney has a list of priorities, and demonstrating leadership isn’t on it.

Incidentally, Igor Volsky noted that in October, when Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) partnered with right-wing pastor Robert Jeffress, Romney demanded that Perry “repudiate” him. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a leading Romney surrogate, added that for a national candidate to stand with a offensive character was “beneath the office of president of the United States.”

One wonders if Romney thinks he’ll look presidential in Las Vegas tonight.

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Trump can't help himself