Tracking down the ‘green weenie’


In last night’s Debunktion Junction, Rachel pondered what in the world former Senator Alan Simpson was on about when he suggested dealing with opponents this way: “[S]tick your finger down your throat and give them the green weenie.”

We’re hoping Sen. Simpson’s office will elucidate that for us a bit more. Meanwhile @seangirvan tweets:

green weenie” is a green scrubbing pad like on the back of dish sponges, we still use the term in the Navy.

Sen. Simpson has hinted that “green weenie” has to do with his old military days. ADDING: As Marla Erwin notes in the first comment, Urban Dictionary seconds that, in a very NSFW kind of way (fair warning.) Maybe we’re getting closer. This post is open to links.

Tracking down the 'green weenie'