Tonight on #Maddow: Cooking with #Iowa

Melissa Freidhof-Rodgers (left) and Cynthia Freidhof.
Melissa Freidhof-Rodgers (left) and Cynthia Freidhof.

This week in Iowa, President Obama stopped in at Ross’ Restaurant for the house specials, the Magic Mountain and the Volcano. They’re sort of unbelievable food items – somehow “delicacies” doesn’t seem to fit – including pinto beans, hamburger meat, French fries and cheese sauce. And that’s just the base.

Because we are so dedicated to finding the news behind the news behind that other news, we asked them to come on our show tonight and make us one. Or several. And they agreed! Their trip seems to be going well so far, except for a little trouble at the airport security screening. Melissa Freidhof-Rodgers of Ross’ writes in the Quad-City Times:

“The funniest part was when our famously spicy chili didn’t pass the TSA screening and had to be unpacked and go through a security search. It had quite the patdown with wands and all. ;) I wanted to snap a photo but the TSA agent didn’t seem to be too crazy about that idea. I did, however, love it that our Ross’ Chili set off their sensors – talk about spicy!”

Tonight, we’re a politics and cooking show, as a lead-in to prison. This will be great.

(Thanks, Andy Dallos for the pic.)