Tonight: Inside the mind of Edward Snowden

As you’ve likely seen in the promotions that have been airing on msnbc for the past couple of days, msnbc is airing Brian Williams’ interview with Edward Snowden (Snowden’s first American TV interview) tonight in the 9 p.,m. ET hour.

We’re not able to put this in the TRMS podcast, nor can we put the clips in the show video player, BUT the full interview does exist online for your on-demand web viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on how you feel about Snowden).

After the jump you’ll find Part 1 embedded. The parts should all play in a row, but just in case the direct links are listed below the video.

MSNBC Live, 5/29/14, 12:07 PM ET

Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden, part 1

“NBC Nightly News” anchor and managing editor Brian Williams sat down with Edward Snowden, a man wanted for espionage here at home, for his first American television interview.

Edward Snowden

Tonight: Inside the mind of Edward Snowden