‘Today I’m leaving the Republican Party’


How sexy is the Republican Party right now? How’s this for an answer: a rising political star and decorated Iraq War veteran says he’s leaving the party because he’s sick of the “games.”

California Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, a candidate for mayor in San Diego  who served for a decade in the  Marine Corps,  has developed the exasperating habit of actually working across the aisle with Democrats to achieve results.  You can guess how popular that makes him in of today’s GOP, where compromise is another word for treason. So today, Fletcher posted this video  on his blog saying he’s had enough and is running as an independent.  Among the highlights?

“It’s become evident to me that actually focusing on a solution, of actually trying to get things done, isn’t  the preferred method of political party insiders.”

“I believe it is more important to solve a problem than to preserve that problem to use in a campaign.” 

“I don’t believe we have to treat people we disagree with as an enemy … I’ve fought in a war and I’ve seen the enemy. We don’t have enemies in our political environment here.”

“In today’s political environment, you’re expected to play the game… I’ve been told by many in the Republican Party I’m not very good at this, and there’s a reason: I could care less about playing games.”

“I fought in a war, I put it all on the line for my country. I didn’t go through all that to come back home and run for office, to play games.”

Come on out, moderate, goal-oriented Republicans. We know you’re out there.


'Today I'm leaving the Republican Party'