Today in hyperbole: If it’s Sandra Fluke and liberals, Sharia law must be at hand

Today in hyperbole: If it's Sandra Fluke and liberals, Sharia law must be at hand
Today in hyperbole: If it's Sandra Fluke and liberals, Sharia law must be at hand
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So, just to recap, Georgetown law school student Sandra Fluke testified before Congress on behalf of a gay friend who required prescription birth control to halt the growth of ovarian cysts. As a result, radio host Rush Limbaugh branded Fluke a slut and a prostitute on national radio and said she should be required to make sex tapes so that he could watch.

Surely this is as bad as it gets, yes? Oh no.

Today, we get an editorial from the American Thinker, written, shockingly, by a man. Compared to this, Alice in Wonderland was a gritty, POV documentary. To wit (with annotation):

“Sadly, Rush’s calling Ms. Fluke a couple of names  (like Sweetie? or Cupcake?)  – names far less offensive (!!!) than used by liberals to describe Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, or Ann Coulter – has diverted the conversation from Ms. Fluke’s true evil. (Quick, let’s see her birth certificate!!)

“Ms. Fluke believes that it is a good thing to use the full power of government, judicial and political, to force people to go against their moral principles. (Unlike, say, a forced vaginal ultrasound? Or open-ended, undeclared wars in the Middle East?)

“Like a Roman emperor of old, (from Georgetown law student to Roman emperor, wow, nice!) Ms. Fluke believes that if one will not burn incense before the idols of modern liberalism, that person should be crushed by the state. (incense and idols? trippy…)

“What can be more monstrous than coercing people into doing what they believe is evil? (RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!)  What greater crime can one commit against a person than using the force of government to coerce him to become an apostate to the faith he believes in? (Apparently there’s a faith that says it’s OK to call a law-abiding citizen exercising her First Amendment rights a slut.)  


“Like those Communists, (from that hotbed of Stalinism, Georgetown) Ms. Fluke, and the armada of liberals (does that mean we get tall ships with cannons? Cool!) who support her, will not rest until all bend their knee to the gods of liberalism. (Um, dude, Communists were atheists. Not a lot of knee-bending there. Just saying….)

“In fact, the vast majority of Americans would agree that the increasing tolerance toward people of other faiths is a good thing. (So let’s show our innate American tolerance by stoning this law student, yay!)  That this is so is proven by the lack of real persecution of Muslims in America after 9/11. (Ask any American Muslim, their treatment since 9/11 has been totally awesome!)

  “If all truly tolerant Americans do not speak out against the liberals’ claim for a special place for the liberal faith in America and vote against the politicians who support this new America, then America will end up being a sharia state with the tenets defined by people such as Ms. Fluke.” (So either we get to call anyone we don’t agree with a slut or – we’re facing Sharia law. Got it.)  






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Today in hyperbole: If it's Sandra Fluke and liberals, Sharia law must be at hand