Thursday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* In an unannounced new ad, the Obama campaign is once again hitting Mitt Romney over reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood, and the future of Roe v. Wade. It’s the eighth Obama ad on the issue in this general election.

* Speaking of ads, the president’s re-election campaign also has this interesting spot, reminding Democrats of the 2000 race in encouraging them to vote.

* In an astounding figure if true, the Romney campaign said this morning it and the RNC raised $111.8 million during the first 17 days of October, putting them on track for the best fundraising month in the history of American presidential politics.

* In Ohio, a Time poll released yesterday found Obama leading Mitt Romney by five, 49% to 44%, fueled in part by a large gender gap.

* In Virginia, Public Policy Polling shows Obama with a five-point lead over Romney, 51% to 46%, though a poll from the University of Virginia and George Mason University shows Romney leading Obama by one, 46% to 45%.

* In Nevada, PPP found Obama ahead of Romney by four, 51% to 47%. The same poll found Nevada’s closely watched U.S. Senate race tied.

* In the state of Washington, Jay Inslee’s (D) lead in the gubernatorial race appears to be evaporating, and a new Elway poll shows him trailing Rob McKenna (R), 47% to 45% (thanks to reader T.K. for the tip).

* And in Tennessee, the Democrats’ House Majority PAC has renewed interest in targeting Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R) in light of his recent scandals, and aired a new attack ad in the district this week.

Thursday's campaign round-up