‘They’re rooting against the economy’


After last month’s disappointing job numbers were released, and Republicans seemed a little too pleased, the Obama campaign argued that the GOP is, as Stephanie Cutter put it, is “rooting for failure.” David Axelrod accused Republicans of “high-fiving each other” when bad economic news comes out.

On Capitol Hill, GOP leaders denied the accusations, but yesterday, Travis Waldron highlighted a clip of a Republican who was willing to be surprisingly candid on the subject.

For those who can’t watch clips online, Rob Gray, a senior adviser on Romney’s gubernatorial campaign, was asked whether GOP lawmakers might be dragging their heels when it comes to improving the economy. Gray responded:

“Well, I’m not buying that they’re dragging their heels. I am buying that they’re rooting against the economy somewhat because they think that, you know, the short-term pain of, you know, the next four months is much better than having additional four years of pain under Obama. They believe the government should spend less and that they have better economic ideas than the president does. So, you know, if we have to suffer between now and November to get a better president for four years, they’re all for it.”

Gray does not, as far as I can tell, have any role in Romney’s presidential campaign, but he nevertheless offers a perspective that’s rather remarkable. Here’s a Republican media strategist who believes – and is willing to admit on camera – that he sees his own party rooting against the American economy.

Indeed, Gray effectively made the same point Democrats make all the time: that the GOP believes it’s worth allowing Americans to suffer now, so that Republicans can try to help in their own way later.

For Dems hoping to push this argument between now and the election, it looks like they have a Republican ally in making the case.

'They're rooting against the economy'