Of Thee I Sing

Of Thee I Sing
Of Thee I Sing
Carl Bork

Ron Paul’s increasingly strong showing in Iowa proves that his supporters are nothing if not devoted.

Over at The Daily Paul website, Dr. Paul’s good works have inspired a reverence that cannot be contained by mere prose:

Dr. Ron Paul Told Us How To Remove Our Chains (poem)
By legalizeliberty

Doctor who came down to cure and restore
Winds above him speak every day of
His Love for the Republic

Cornfields standing tall voice support
As well as soldiers and newborn babies
And sun is shining for them from above

His heart
It told us all
How to remove our chains

Sweet battle ahead
The Universe on our side

Every vote is a vote for good or evil
Every vote is a vote for the good doctor
Or for the never ending rivers of darkness

Of Thee I Sing