The Week in Geek, viscous syrup miracle edition


What happens to syrup when you pour it on an ever-decreasing moving belt? Fluid dynamics, FTW! I dare you not to think about this next time you have pancakes.

If you liked that, you’ll really love this tumblr (only the title is NSFW).

You may know why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears, but do you know how they fly in the rain?

What happens when you take a mathematician to dinner at an Italian restaurant? Bonus: match the equation to the pasta.

Still have your appendix? Prof. Bill Parker has a theory that it could save your life.

Astronomers predict what a sunset might look like on planet HD209458b. Spoiler alert: it’s green!

The Solar System may have a mini-me.

Stop sharing pictures of your lunch on your smartphone and start sharing pictures of Mars instead!

Do your part to help scientist study long-term memory by taking this quiz. C’mon it’s Friday afternoon, what else are you going to do?

Researchers study the feet of rhinos to figure out how they support so much weight.

Former NBA player Yao Ming likes to hang out with pandas. You’re welcome.

The best “Make-A-Wish” wish ever.

Isaac Newton’s list of sins committed before Whitsunday. Who knew he was such a rapscallion?


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The Week in Geek, viscous syrup miracle edition