The Week in Geek: Video Extravaganza Edition


How to use lasers to see around corners.

Beware the brinicle of DEATH. (WITH VIDEO)

Bacteria live on the underside of glaciers even if no one else can, or wants to.

A case study in ocean acidification next to Mount Vesuvius. (WITH VIDEO)

Evidence for water on Mars is stronger than ever. If only we had funding to keep looking…

Gorgeous time-lapse of the heavens from the International Space Station. (WITH VIDEO)

NASA’s Cassini space probe gets a breath of fresh air around Saturn.

How to find a moon around a planet around another star. (WITH VIDEO)

There’s gold under my fingertips as I type this and under your fingers tips as you click here to read more.

Pixel Porn! The screens of todays handheld devices under a microscope.

Researchers find mercury in fog. Looks like Stephen Ling was onto something.

Today’s installment of ‘nature wants to eat you’: a giant prehistoric snake that eats crocodiles for breakfast. (WITH VIDEO)

Because the first thing that crosses your mind when you see a cockroach is: “I wonder what its neurons sound like”.

The mathematics of Hollywood. Guess the films described by equations in this awesome, but challenging quiz.

The science of cherry blossoms, just in time for the peak bloom in Washington, D.C. (WITH VIDEO)

Happy Spring, Maddow Geeks!

The Week in Geek: Video Extravaganza Edition