The Week in Geek: The scent of caffeine


Gorgeous visual translation of geo-magnetic storms in Earth’s upper atmosphere caused by the incoming solar wind recorded at 20 Hz.

Speaking of solar activity, did you catch any of the aurora this week visible farther south than normal due to an extremely large coronal mass ejection?

Ever wonder what it’s like inside the International Space Station when they turn the thrusters on? Wonder no more.

Who says scientists can’t be artists too?

The second of the three Javan rhino subspecies was just hunted into extinction. There are now officially no rhinos left in Vietnam. I haz a rhino sad.

You can now LITERALLY inhale caffeine. You’re welcome.

20 millions bees shut down Interstate 15 in Utah. Not your average traffic jam. Or should I say traffic “honey”?

I hate to break it to you, but there is no pink. It’s actually just minus-green.

Finally, in the Halloween spirit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants your family to prepare for a Zombie Pandemic.

Have a great and geeky weekend!


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The Week in Geek: The scent of caffeine