The Week in Geek, special toast edition


Comet Lovejoy’s beautiful appearance this holiday season for those in the southern hemisphere.

My new favorite website: beautiful pictures inspired by mathematics.

How scientists track the drift of Earth’s magnetic south pole.

Your best bet for a hangover cure this new year’s day is brought to you by the letters K, Na, and Cl (among others).

Myths about the brain that just won’t die but should. Do your part to help set the record straight!

Geologists have discovered the source for the inner bluestones at Stonehenge, 160 miles away! Even cooler is this research into how the stones might have been transported.

Fascinating new book on the history of the spacesuit.

Researchers have developed a way to make your spinal cord TRANSPARENT.

Power your house with paint, it’s “sun-believable.” No, seriously.

The miracle of science has finally figured out why the toast always lands butter-side-down.

The only end-of-the-year posts I will link to: Nature’s images of the year and science stories of the year. Both worth a look.

Wishing you a geeky 2012!

The Week in Geek, special toast edition