The Week in Geek: Otherworldly Earth edition


Some amazing historical geek on how underwater telephone cables were laid across the San Francisco Bay. How’s that for engineering?

IBM researchers in Zurich are first to measure the charge on a single atom, image a single molecule, and now image the distribution of charge in a single molecule. Over achievers.

Why astronomers consider pulsars a gift from the Universe.

Six places on Earth you can go and pretend you are on another planet.

380 million year old fossilized forest unearthed beneath quarry in upstate New York.

Ancient New Zealand penguins were tall and fat.

Otzi the iceman had a rough life even before he was killed by an arrow.

New bat species discovered in Vietnam looks like it could almost be a Klingon.

Researchers in Singapore discover the nature of the chemical alarm signal fish secrete when scared or injured. Naturally, the Germans have a word for it: “Schreckstoff” or scary stuff.

The neuroscience of deja vu all over again.

Memory altering drugs may be beside the point as the brain constantly alters memories on its own.

Google street view is coming to the Great Barrier Reef. I vote we call it Google reef view.

Presented without comment – Toronto Zoo wants its orangutans to have iPads.


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The Week in Geek: Otherworldly Earth edition