The Week in Geek: Nature is adorable


Zebra-striped, antelope-shaped, giraffe relative makes debut at the Bronx Zoo.

Ever wondered why there are so many different colors of poisonous frogs? Of course you have. So has science.

Flushing the toilets in the world’s tallest building. You’d be surprised what it takes.

Secrets of the Viking’s sunstones revealed.

How to turn two iPads into a gory, gaping hole in your torso.

Swedish researchers explore the neuroscience of giants and Barbie dolls.

NASA likes to make a big splash. Capsule, meet Impact Basin.

Harvard embarks on a an amazing data mining project to digitally scan 525,000 hundred-year-old photographic plates.

DNA shows cave paintings in France don’t just reflect cavemens’ imaginations.

Who do you think wins this epic rap battle of Einstein versus Hawking?

What have you been geeking out over this week?


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The Week in Geek: Nature is adorable