The Week in Geek: Back to Earth edition


Rocket-powered landing demonstrator makes first flight.

This guy wants to build a functioning computer model of the human brain, but he has to finish modeling a rat brain first.

Good news guys, looks like you’ll be around longer than originally thought.

Circadian rhythms may influence when you’re most at risk for sudden cardiac death.

Seven species that drew the short stick when it came to living the good life.

One of the world’s tiniest lizards can sit on the head of a match.

What’s the quickest way to tell if a frog is poisonous? Duh, lick it.

If you like a good shrimp cocktail, I’ve got bad news for you. The carbon footprint of a shrimp is worse than that of some beef.

Fascinating article on climate change law and if one country can sue another for polluting it out of existence.

A tale of two tails: how to deduce the orientation of a comet from a picture.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the latest update on the faster-than-light neutrinos, but I can’t stress enough how this is still not a final answer. Not ready to geek out on this just yet…

Speaking of physics though, go down this rabbit hole and see if you can follow along.

Lastly, start your weekend on a high note and check out this Stanford MRI study that found loving someone for five minutes can be transformative.


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The Week in Geek: Back to Earth edition