The Week in Geek


See if you can figure this out before the big reveal at the end.

What does your brain know that your mind doesn’t?

Kepler astronomers are now LISTENING to the stars, and I don’t mean in the astrological sense.

Scientists invent a cloaking device for time. Don’t say the future isn’t here.

The photographer and the photos that helped secure Yosemite’s future as a national park.

Ever want to have a drink with Ernest Shackleton? Well now you can have the next best thing, his whiskey.

Speaking of Antarctica, you won’t believe what’s growing underwater there.

Alfred Hitchcock’s birds in The Birds may have been poisoned. (See also


Researchers suspect dinosaurs used their tails for leaping (with video). LEAPING DINOSAURS PEOPLE!

What’s so special about a Stradivarius violin? Would you believe the answer could be nothing?

The Week in Geek