The Week in Geek


Daniel Starr-Tambor has set the Solar System to music in a palindrome as an homage to Bach. Music of the spheres indeed.

Whales once lived in the deserts of Africa.

Google trends might serve as an early warning system for flu outbreaks.

The government taps phones, but these scientists are tapping the ocean.

NASA releases amazing archive of high-res images from Gemini missions.

Does your gravitational lens have a cataract? Physicists as opthalmologists.

Physics students at the University of Leicester actually calculate whether the Death Star could destroy Earth.

Otters and three year olds have a lot in common.

Researchers think babies read lips when learning how to talk. Uh-oh, earmuffs aren’t enough anymore!

Zen out to these STUNNING photos of jellyfish.

What are you geeking out to this week?

The Week in Geek