The Week in Geek


Takeoffs and landings in 55 mph crosswinds at Düsseldorf Airport. Hats off to pilots who make this look easy. This gives me flashbacks to when I was working on my private pilot’s license, but thankfully I never had to deal with crosswinds like these!

From here on out, if any says you look like a “Matilda” you should be insulted.

The theory of arsenic-based life at Mono Lake is no more.

Elephants are cool, no literally.

If movie villains were mathematicians.

How the domino effect set in motion by climate change could affect flu pandemics.

Jumping spiders may need glasses but they are so badass they don’t care.

How Rube Goldberg would turn the page of his newspaper during breakfast.

What to expect when you’re expecting a solar maximum.

Whales and dolphins have the best playdates ever.

What are you geeking out to this week?


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The Week in Geek