The Week in Geek


In a million years, I never thought I’d see someone play the guitar WITH A CAR (just before the 2:30 mark).

3D printers can now print replacement body parts.

Asia and North America to collide…in 50 million years, but still!

Wikipedia has a list of unexplained sounds. Two of them are “Bloop” and “Julia.”

Everything you wanted to know about dinosaur sex, but were afraid to ask.

The vampire squid can turn itself INSIDE OUT.

If parasites freak you out, stay away from this article. And from cats.

Things to trip out to this week: this interactive scales of the Universe website with trance music to boot.

The importance of sending a penny to Mars. For SCIENCE!

Full metal jousting. Yes, you heard me right.

In related television news, wind turbine workers get their own reality show.

For the literary geeks, maps of fictional places.

More literary geek: the entire text of Flatland is now online!

And lastly, a little fashion geek for Fashion Week - how a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes are made. Talk about an art form.

Keep on geekin’ on.

The Week in Geek