The TRMS 3rd Birthday Playlist


The Rachel Maddow Show turns three today. We spent a little time today talking about segments we’ve loved working on – below and after the jump, a few favorites as picked by the producers who worked on them.

Happy birthday, us and you. You’re a big part of what makes this so much fun.


Bill Wolff: The football election metaphor.


Rebekah Dryden: The John Birch Society paranoid blues.


Mike Yarvitz: BP oil spill is 1979 all over again.


Kent Jones: A visit to the poop expert.


Will Femia: Rachel gets a lightsaber.


Me: Catherine Ferguson Academy on the block.


Tricia McKinney: 3D TV.


And a Yarvitz bonus: What went wrong with Reaganomics.

The TRMS 3rd Birthday Playlist